Eyelash Extensions

Whether you dread the task of applying mascara or hate the fact it clumps and smudges, or if you want a fuller effect from your eyelashes, then look no further as this treatment is for you.

The semi-permanent Eyelash Extension treatment gives the appearance of wearing mascara whilst adding volume and length to the lashes, which creates a more stunning look, leaving your eyelashes mess and smudge-free, and more glamorous than ever.

This treatment consists of an individual mink lash applied to every natural lash with a fast-acting adhesive specially designed for eyelashes. Depending on your lashes, each set of semi-permanent eyelashes uses between 60-80+ individual mink lashes.

Semi-permanent individual eyelashes are a great way to have stunning eyelashes, minus the fuss.

Full Set: £50

Infills (2-3 weeks) £30